Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Los Angeles is a wondrous place. Before moving here at the end of last summer, I had heard Sara Bareilles call the city ‘Eden.’ At the time, I couldn’t completely understand her words in the song, as I was ready to embrace a new town and a new beginning for my own story.

But there is something about LA that is a balancing act… finding a good mix between solitude and sociality, wastefulness and rumination. A little rise and a little revel.

Recently while searching for the balance, my wanderlust found me walking the five miles from my apartment into downtown. After feasting my eyes on the wonders of Bottega Louis (don’t worry, pictures and posts from that adventure to come), I found myself on Spring St

It was here that I found a piece of heaven on earth.

Photo (3)

The Last Bookstore (as it so acutely is titled) is a combination of all of the things in life one could love. When first walking into the large, open first floor there is a bombardment of books on shelves. There is a children’s corner and a large comic book section with all the Bryan Lee O’Malley titles you can imagine. The first floor also features the records section—which is stacked with myriad titles like “Woody Allen Volume 2” to Adele’s “21” but I wouldn’t want to get stuck in this section for too long. These records don’t come for cheap.

There’s more to the store than just the wide variety of selections one can make for reading and hearing pleasures. There are four or five comfy couches and exactly the kind of music you would imagine that would be playing in a bookstore like this (Goldfrapp, Fleet Foxes, and Inside Llewellyn Davis soundtrack to name a few). The mix of Greek architecture and wooden, handcrafted shelves is some more magic for the senses. A balancing act of old and new.


 The second floor is a maze of old books and art. The cheapest books are in this section but it’s a little difficult to find what you’re looking for between the books being organized by color instead of title and the books that play more as art than as an actual source for reading. There’s also a sweet antique store up there to check out. But the best part of the second floor allows you to view the intimate galleries of LA based artist and talk to them about their work.

The Last Bookstore is a treasure chest of good feelings, good reads, and good music. Put this at the top of your list for places to visit in downtown Los Angeles.


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