No More Boring Nails

I think I may have found my new favorite line of nail polish. I’ve been a die hard OPI fan for years. But now I’ve come across Sephora’s line of Formula X polishes which includes several different collections.

Say goodbye and good riddance to your typical glossy monochromatic nails, without spending hours trying to create interesting and intricate designs with a miniature paintbrush {who has time for that?}. Each bottle is full of texture and vibrance and a seriously good time. Not to mention, there are so many to choose from. From the dense but fine grain glitter of the “Celestials”  to the neon pearl and shimmer  finishes of the “Electrics” and the splatter effects of  many of their confetti bottles, which you can layer with base-coats for a variety of effects.

I tried out:

Xplosives Top Coat – “Demolition” – with blue, turquoise, lime and orange confetti           {perfect for springtime}


The Sparklers – “Law of Attraction” – with champagne shimmer and blue 3D glitter

I will definitely be back in Sephora to collect and hoard some of the other great options. Check out a few of my favs below.

you can purchase online or in store      {$12.50}


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