5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching “Looking”

Looking is HBO’s latest attempt at showing friendship, love, and what it’s like to look for those things. The show features three gay men who live in San Francisco. It has been compared to a host of shows including HBO’s own Girls but even if the subject matter appears to be the same, Looking really is in a field of its own. Here are five reasons why you should be catching up on this series.


5. San Francisco is a character

Looking does for San Francisco what Sex and the City and The Wire did for New York City and Baltimore respectively.



4. The storyline feels real

Although the show is about three gay guys, the story transcends the boundaries of sexuality and gender. It feels like it could be anyone’s story, therefore pulling you closer to the characters.


before sunrise

3. There is a Before Sunrise feel to the characters

Looking has received a lot of criticism for being “boring,” but the writers have made the mundanity of every day conversation psychoanalytical AND beautiful.



2. There is no anti-hero

Most critically acclaimed shows right now either have (1.) the lead as an angsty, cold hyper-heterosexual male doing something illegal and/or adulterous (cough, cough Mad Men and Breaking Bad) orrrr (2.) a selfish “know-it-all” who is difficult to root for or even like (Girls, anyone?). Patrick, Agustin, and Dom (Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, Murray Bartlett) have their flaws, but they are more than likeable, they’re even charming.


jonathan groff


Patrick is anxious and curious and hesitant of his own feelings, but there is something about that smile that completely sucks you in. Groff’s character feels like a good friend and by episode four, you genuinely just want to see him happy.


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