Sweet, Sweet Laguna


It was with trepidation and joy that I made my first venture to Laguna Beach. But when a friend invites you to a private beach, there’s really nothing to do besides go!

Downtown Laguna is the perfect beach town. The crunchy taco shop right by RIP Curls is worth the drive alone, but a favorite shop among tourists and Laguna natives is Bonzai Bowls. This delicious stop makes huge smoothies and fruit bowls.


Laguna’s private beach at Emerald Bay is like something you’d expect to see in movies but never actually find in real life. A couple of friends and I climbed barefoot up a mountain on the left side of the beach to find tiny wave pools and giant starfish. There’s a peacefulness there that can only be manufactured by nature– the mountainside shutting out all man-made noise. After peering from the top of the mountain at the (at least!) million dollar homes behind us, we climbed down into a little cave. Getting into the cave was all about timing–wait for the tide to drift out and swim with everything in you until reaching a sand bar, or get caught in the tide and thrown against the rocks. I suffered a little of both, but the inside of the cave was filled with seashell treasures and a sandy resting place.

With that said, you don’t need a private beach to enjoy laguna beach! It’s clean, hilly, quiet… whether you’re slurping up Bonzai Bowls or chowing down on Gina’s Pizza, Laguna Beach is worth a visit.


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