Tonight’s episode of Girls felt like the feel good episode that happens right before the shit hits the fan. Hannah gets her first real paycheck. Adam gets an actual acting job. And all of the girls meet up in one of New York’s most fancy hotels for a free night’s stay.

Besides warming my little hopeless romantic heart with an honest and envy-worthy bathtub scene with Hannah and Adam, the episode had a bunch of great tunes that I assume I’ll be playing over and over for the next twenty-four hours. Thought I might as well share them with you so you can also obsess.

You’re welcome.

When Hannah walks past an expensively gorgeous dress and actually goes in to buy it, she’s listening to Lily Allen’s “L8 CMMR.”

After crying in the bathroom with Hannah, Marnie comes out to sing “Roll On, John” by Bob Dylan with the traveling actor Desi.

The rolling credits song featured Miguel’s “Simple Things.”


4 thoughts on “Incidentals”

  1. Can we talk about how Marne has now slept with both Hannah and Shosh ex boy-friends. I would like her character to get written off but then I wouldn’t have anyone to hate lol.

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