LOTUS is for Lovers (of eggrolls and drinks)

lotus pic

Right behind Tuscany apartments on Flower St. lies a hookah haven for the ages. LA embodies the cliché “Never judge a book by its cover.” Lotus, like so many other exceptional sites in the city, looks pretty run down on the outside by day. But at night, the garage door of the building is opened and the hanging lights and warm ceiling lamps invite you in.  The plush, bed-like couches covered in rugs and the darkness of the room transport you right out of LA and into a fairy tale Arabian night.


The list of hookah flavors is obviously extensive and detailed, but a host named Jose recommended his signature hookah flavor and I’ve been hooked ever since. “The Jose” is a mix of white gummy bear, guava, and mango. It’s sweet and smooth and fucking delicious.

Speaking of delicious, Lotus surprised me with their tasty treats (and pretty soft prices!). The egg rolls find that perfect amount of crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The biggest mistake Lotus makes as a restaurant is the fact that they don’t have any duck sauce! But their happy hour pretty much excuses any harm done by that with $3 beers, $5 cocktails, and buy one, get one free on ALL sake! Thursday nights also serve as $25 all you can drink nights. Umm, yea… ALL YOU CAN DRNK.

Basically, if you like sweet hookah, crispy egg rolls, and cheap aptly named drinks (i.e. “The Hot Mess”)Lotus is a stop you have to make.


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