Sex and Economics????

Welcome to 2014, where there is less dating and more ” I’m just here to have fun”. Where “side chicks” are glorified. Where strippers become wives right before your eyes and have picture perfect marriages. There has truly been a change in the dating game and I think it would be nice if someone would kindly explain what is happening. Well… someone has actually taken the time to research this phenomena

The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture has an interesting perspective on how/why dating has changed over the years.  To sum up their answer in a few words… the need to make a commitment has changed because the supply and demand of sex has changed over the years.


5 thoughts on “Sex and Economics????”

  1. My sister just sent me the link to this video, and I am not entirely comfortable with some of the assumptions you’re making here.

    You’re completely ignoring gender dynamics and the false power structures between men and women. If I have learned anything from the kinds of guys who read books like The Game to “get” women, is that it’s not about sex, but about creating a power dynamic in which they call the shots. Meaning these guys are so insecure, they are incapable of approaching women directly and instead use tricks and tips to create a false connection and sense of intimacy, with a varied pool of women that they still don’t really want to get to know and understand, because thinking is hard.

    And what ends up happening? You have sex, you talk, you fight, you stop talking, he pops back up in your life, pretends there was some misunderstanding, or it was somehow your fault, you ignore it, and repeat. But nothing ever changes until you realize the guy is a loser and cut all ties.

    Men do not have higher sex drives than women. They are socialized to pursue sex more in this day and age. Women tend to have a higher sex drive but are socialized to suppress it.

    Why do you think it is socially recognized that women hit their sexual peak in their 40’s? Because at that age they’re more comfortable in their bodies and are under less scrutiny as men, who lo and behold, are considered to hit their sexual peak at 18.

    And framing sex as a transaction places the responsibility squarely on the women, who must be the gatekeepers. Instead of framing it as an economic issue, we must instead frame it as a communication issue where men simply need to accept that women are people.

    1. Hi there,
      Appreciate your comment. When I saw this video on the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture’s website, I knew I had to put this on the blog because it really gets a dialogue going. I appreciated this video because it discusses the women’s opportunity to change the standards of sex. I think this video actually stresses the gender dynamic of sex. It shows how the gender dynamic has changed over the years and gives a possible reason as to why it occurs. However I do believe that there are many variables that can affect relationships and sex. I just thought this was a very interesting point of view.

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