Do it for the babies

As a twenty something year old, I feel like I combat narcissism on a regular basis. When I start getting really self-absorbs, I like to find a community service project to do. It allows me to take all that negative energy of self-doubt and uneasiness and turn it into something positive.

This month I worked with Cradles to Crayons

cradels to crayon logo

Cradles to Crayons is an organization that provides, clothing care packages, shoes, books, toys, baby safety equipment and school supplies to children: infants through age 14. It all started when the owner, Lynn Margherio, noticed that her nieces and nephews had a lot of clothes and toys that were barely worn or still had the price tag on. She got the great idea of seeking out these barely worn or new clothing and giving it to kids in need (the best ideas always come when you least except it). It started in Boston and now has a Philadelphia location.

I worked in the clothing section where I sorted through recently donated clothing and made clothing care packages that included: 1 week worth of clothing, pajamas, new socks and underwear and any accessory available. It was the cutest community service project I’ve ever done.


If you live in Philly and you would like to volunteer, donate or find out more information about this wonderful place. Please visit the website. Click the link right here ——>>>> Cradlestocrayons


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