do you believe in magic?!

If you do, you should definitely go to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. What was previously a vacant lot, now showcases the beautiful mosaic art of Isaiah Zagar. The garden, located on  1020 South Street Philadelphia spans about a half a block. Everything, from the floor to the ceiling is art.

Philly's Magic Gardens


Open everyday! Hours may vary.

Price: $10 with tour $7 General Admission or $5 with student ID.  Tickets cannot be purchase in advance.

It is definitely kid friendly, however, there is a look but don’t touch policy.

Website: Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Whether you’re into art or just like taking fun pictures you’ll enjoy yourself.

pic 3

Don’t forget to pick up a brochure at the door because it gives you the address to more of Isaiah Zagar’s art work around the city. I also visited the Eye’s Gallery which was Zagar and his wife’s first home and also doubled as his wife’s art store.



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