GUSH (yup, it’s about exactly what it sounds like)

He’s a producer, a writer, an artist… what can’t Pharrell do? To shame all of the rest of us even more, Pharrell dropped an album of his own today. Girl is funky and sexy. As we’ve come to expect from this phenom, it’s impossible to listen to the album without wanting to get up and dance.

Girl has many tracks that solely star Pharrell, but with all of the major talent beholden to his beck and call, “Girl” has some fun features like Justin Timberlake on “Brand New,” Alicia Keys on “Know Who You Are,” and even a personal favorite of mine, JoJo on “Lost Queen.”

“Gush” is dirty, fun, clever… very much the epitome of this artist we’ve come to know and love. For your listening pleasure… Mr. Pharrell Williams.


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