You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Grey’s Anatomy has a way of making even the most anti-sentimentalist all gooey and nostalgic. Tonight’s episode was something of a throwback for one of the show’s main couples, Owen and Christina. Even though Owen’s been seeing the girl of his dreams (the “2 or 3 children” wanting, stay at home mom) he can’t help but fall in love with Christina all over again when she shows up at his front door all wine’d up.

All of the songs featured in tonight’s episode were a throwback to 80s hits that have recently been recovered.

1. The episode opened with Jo and Alex in bed and this folksy version of “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

2. When Christina shows up at Owen’s door to congratulate him on the new relationship (but ultimately to ruin his life one more time) Sleeping At Last sings this gorgeous cover of a Cyndi Lauper classic.

3. The eerily revamped Michael Jackson classic can be heard when the interns finally devise a plan to save the young girl suffering from multiple cancers but figure it out just a little too late.

4.  “Don’t You Want Me” never sounded so solemn and sweet as it did while Owen breaks up with his perfect girlfriend.

 Tell me your thoughts on the covers or the episode below!



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