The Bacaro Challenge

The scene is cozy and modern with the wood tables and floors combined with the chalkboard wall- a wall that acts as more than art while displaying the wines of the day in a unique fashion. This was not my first time in Bacaro, the little wine bar that opened in 2008, but tonight I came for a special purpose.

People all over USC’s campus rave about the $20 all you can drink special that happens any night of the week here at Bacaro. Okay, you caught me, I only know like three people at my school right now! But those three people really really like it.

The drinking special is pretty straightforward: you can choose from any of the house wines and then you get two hours to drink as little or as much as you like. What I didn’t know going into this was that this is not the kind of deal someone with no self-control should attempt. There should be warning signs or the waiter could maybe let you know this is a dangerous game. Now that I think about it, the waiter tried several times (kindly) to bring us water. We clearly screamed back to her by the last hour, “We only want wine! No water!” Oh well.


The special includes champagne, house red, beer and a Sangria that my friends deemed the “take yourself back to the wonders of preschool” Sangria for its juice-like taste. A complimentary plate of bread and cheeses come for the table and that’s about all the food you’re going to need unless you decide you want to pay a pretty penny for tasty but also tiny dishes.


I had devised a plan to fully enjoy Bacaro’s $20 for 2 hours drink special prior to my arrival that night. The plan began as just a running transcription of the night, and turned into so much more. So what follows below are a few of the fun drinking games you can try for your future. Although parts of the night are a bit cloudy, I truly enjoyed the scenery and the company of this little wine bar.



The Shatner:

Star Trek reference

Any time someone in the group yells ‘Shatner’ throughout the night, one has to over act whatever you were doing.

Never Have I Ever:

This timeless game had to be played. We’re like fifteen at a sleepover right? No? We’re in grad school? Huh? Oh no.

To Draw:

Basically for this game, anything goes. You know what would be most fun for your group of friends. For us, we chose portraits of friends and attempts at the United States of America. Those masterpieces are below.

self portrait.jpg

tia's us.jpg


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