The Fault In Our Stars


The Fault In Our Stars is one of those intoxicating books that you shouldn’t begin unless you have free time to read it all in one sitting; it is the type of novel that makes you feel bad for doing the things that you actually need to do to survive like eat and/or sleep because even if you need to do them- that’s time spent away from reading the book.

The story centers around a teenage girl obsessed with the concept (and the actuality) of death. Hazel Grace, as one of the main characters of the novel likes to call her, has the typical “emo” high school girl feel except she has a legitimate reason for feeling all of the feels: most of the sixteen years of her life have been spent battling cancer. Hazel would hate it if she saw that someone wrote a description of her as someone who is “battling” cancer, as someone who is also offended and over most of the cliché language involved with cancer patients and survivors. Still, every week her mom forces her to go to a support group for young cancer patients. It’s here in this group that Hazel meets Augustus Waters and the real story of The Fault In Our Stars begins.

No spoiler here, Augustus and Hazel fall in love and reading their love story—being swept up in their adventures through life and love intertwined with the painful reality of cancer is an experience unlike any other. Yes, their story is heartbreaking, but I laughed in the book a lot more than I cried. Hazel and Augustus are faced with unimaginable circumstances and it has shaped their thoughts and their humor (and, of course, their lives). But, I won’t ruin their story with my words, because, as Hazel says, “like all real love stories—it will die with us, as it should.”

The Fault In Our Stars is exactly the kind of novel worthy of your precious time- gorgeously literary, laugh out loud funny, and irresistibly beautiful.


The movie adaptation hits theaters on June 6!


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