All of My Favorite TV Characters Keep Dying

All of My Favorite TV Characters Keep Dying:

A Look At Six TV Deaths We’re Sure We Will Never Get Over

It’s in marketing’s nature for television shows to say that each episode is going to be “the most dramatic episode of television ever” or something as grandiose and obscene that writers can never really come through on. This year, however, it seems series aren’t afraid of killing off regulars. Although some shows are following the design that was made far before their existence (House of Cards), other shows are fearlessly murdering their main characters. Here are the most shocking character loses of the past four months.


Brian Griffin


The death of this beloved dog from Family Guy was so shocking to fans that social media seemed to go up in flames with petitions against the dogs death. Alas, the death lasted only a few weeks, but like any beloved character, Brian’s death was truly a shocker to fans.


Clay Morrow

clay morrow

Sons of Anarchy fans knew that the end of Clay Morrow’s reign was inevitable, but it was still hard to see him go! As show creator Kurt Sutter told EW,  “As much as people say that they want Clay dead, they don’t want Clay dead…They want to see it be complicated. They want to see how Gemma feels about betraying Clay. They want to see how Juice feels about betraying. They want to see that play out even though they, in their gut, they know the guy should be dead.” Ahh, I guess in Morrow’s case, there is a little rest for the wicked.



Joss Carter

joss carter

Audiences were (umm, present tense ‘are’ still for some of us) devastated when Detective Carter was killed in this season’s Person of Interest. Commercials leading up to the episode all pointed in the direction that another character would be killed off, but when it was Carter who was taken down, fans immediately went to social media to express their outrage at the loss of good gal Carter. I guess that last moment between Carter and Reese became the literal kiss of death…


Zoe Barnes

zoe barnes

Okay! It is true that Zoe Barnes dies in the British version of House of Cards and so her death shouldn’t have been a big shocker. But somehow when (almost) President Underwood pushes feisty little Zoe in front of a moving subway train IN THE FIRST 30 MINUTES OF SEASON TWO, I was waiting for some sign that this was a horrible day dream designed by Underwood.  Three episodes passed and I was still waiting for Zoe to reappear, alive and in tact. I hope Zoe is resting in some chair-less journalist heaven.


James Novak

james novak

Novak’s husband had almost gotten him bumped off before, but this time it seems Cyrus’ actions really got his own husband killed. Just when it seems Cyrus and James can pull it together and be a family, Shonda Rhimes and the Scandal writers (or “the crushers of all dreams” as I like to call them) decide to make sure former sweetheart Jake gruesomely kills James, and stays to watch him go. Rest in peace to the white hats, no?


Will Gardner

will gardner

As this death just happened only hours ago—with no warning and seemingly no real end game—it’s still a big shocker to me. Gardner’s chemistry with Alicia—their banter, their eye contact, their obvious pull to one another—is the main reason many fans continue to watch the Will-Alicia-Peter love triangle after FIVE seasons. The Kings had managed to keep writing the same love story without making their audience ever wish it would end. One thing audiences across the board (and I myself!) thought was that whenever The Good Wife ended, Alicia and Will would be hand-in-hand. Apparently we were all so very wrong.

There are exactly five stages of grief. I’ll let you know when I get past stage one.


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