DIY Pop Art flower pots


pop art cans

Use these re-purposed soup cans to add a pop of color to any room. Not only are they art (at a great price), but they’re useful, and they provide lunch in the process of making them! Try this out, its quick, easy , and really cute when you finish.

warhol cans and original art

As a big fan of Andy Warhol when I saw these cans I knew I had to do something other than just eat the tomato soup out of them. Target designed these specialty cans as a tribute to Warhol on the 50th anniversary of his famed art piece “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans”.  Their bright colors reflect  his well known inverted colors palate

visiting the andy warhol museum pittsburgh
visiting the andy warhol museum pittsburgh
popular pieces by Warhol
popular pieces by Warhol

Its simple! The hardest part is probably getting your hands on a few of these cans since right about now they’re long gone from Target. But Ebay should have plenty.

how to

Once you have the cans, clean out the soup being careful to avoid getting the labels wet. Then use an acrylic spray from the craft store to seal the outside of the cans for longevity. Apply several coats of this, then let dry! Voilà you’re done! Fill them with your item of choice: fresh flowers, make up brushes, pencils, art supplies etc. These will look great in a windowsill to add some vintage-modern art and a pop of color to any room.

campbells flowers


As Andy Warhol once said , “Pop art is for everyone”


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