Five Reasons You Should Be Watching “About A Boy”

When I first heard that network television was going to take on About A Boy, I wrote it off. I’m rarely fond of books that have turned into movies—but the idea of a book turning into a Hugh Grant movie that then became a TV series seemed liked a generally bad 21 minutes of television. Fortunately for me, some friends of mine who are way less judgmental than I (apparently) am tuned in on opening night and convinced me to give the show a chance. The list below features the reasons why I now cannot stop watching this heartwarming little comedy—and the reasons you should give it a shot.


5. Friday Night Lights characters will guest star

The characters and the cast of FNL made their way into our hearts and if you are anything like me, you’ve spent the past 3 years watching shows and movies that you probably don’t even like just to see your favorite cast at it again (cough, cough PromJohn Carter). Tyra- errr I mean Adrianne Palicki guest starred in episode 6 of About A Boy and her character was just as quick witted as Tyra ever was (minus the Texas accent, plus a doctor’s coat). I’m sure more FNL cast members will find their way onto the show as Jason Katims is the show creator! Which brings me to reason number four.


4. Jason Katims is the show creator

The man behind television’s best shows about family (and probably America!) is running About A Boy. He’s got a knack for writing characters that are so relatable and real, you start confusing what’s happened in his shows with what’s happened in your real life. Parenthood and Friday Night Lights are both shows whose performances and writing were unstated and spectacular and Katims is mostly to blame for these feats. His glow warms up About A Boy and it’ll probably warm up your heart a little too.

 minnie driver3. MINNIE DRIVER

Minnie Driver plays the mother of Marcus. Have you heard this woman speak? Have you seen Good Will Hunting? Need I say more?? 

boy 1

boy 2

boy 3

boy 4

boy 5

boy 6boy 7

boy 9

boy 10

2. Will & Marcus Make the Best Team

If you’re a fan of Parenthood you’ll know from episode one that Will, played by David Walton, is basically season one Crosby. He is also really attractive. Putting hot, irresponsible musician type with a sheltered, faux vegan ten-year-old named Marcus (Benjamin Stockham) is a truly winning combination. Their banter is funny, but together they are helping each other grow up and watching it is a treat.

About A Boy - Season Pilot

1. It’s only 21 minutes long.

Minus the commercials, it is 20 minutes, once a week that you will feel happy about the world. Sometimes it is a bit cheesy but its heartwarming nature is undeniable.


All of the episodes can be found on Hulu and Amazon. Get to it!!



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