Getting Motivated to Workout

If you’re anything like me you’re probable having some trouble getting motivated or rather STAYING motivated to keep up with your “Eat Clean, Train Mean” motto newly adopted for the summer. The bikini countdown had begun and every time you have one of those *insert delicious treats here* that your coworkers brought in, or skip a few valuable days at the gym, you feel the evil pudge monster celebrating yet another victory at your expense  .

Just do it

If you’ve got some extra space on your walls, try making a motivation mural. Include pictures of healthy food you like, motivating pictures of yourself previously at your goal weight, and lots of positive phrases to keep you going through self-doubt and laziness.  Also you can opt to add a countdown chart if you’re goal is until a certain vacation or event date, or do a pounds countdown to keep on track if you have a specific scale number in mind.


Get creative! Use lots of colors and fonts, so that your wall is pretty and interesting to look at. THEN actually take the time to look at it each day. At first when it’s new your eye will automatically be drawn to it, but after a few days it will just blend into the background, easy to ignore, and you just might forget why it’s there. So, each day maybe after you wake up, or as you’re heading out to the gym, take a minute to take it all in, and read some of your written phrases out load to reinforce their message. Most importantly keep your goal in mind (have this written out on the wall as well), this goal being different than a specific weight. Have a goal regarding what you want for yourself, i.e.: a healthy self-image, to stay committed for X amount of time, – something that you can feel proud about even if you don’t hit that number on the scale.  Good luck!


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