Five Reasons to See ‘Neighbors’

The Frat House vs. Family comedy just hit theaters this past Friday. It’ll be the perfect laugh to start your summer and here’s why:

baby bad-neighbours-baby

 5. Baby Stella

This little chunk keeps a smile on her face throughout most of the film, whether she’s dressed as Walter White, Dexter, or Seth Rogen and the rest of the cast. She, alone, is worth the watch.

dave franco

 4. Dave Franco plays an intellectual

 The brother of the man who can and does do all decides to show a bit of his intellectual side in Neighbors. He’s funny, still hot, and he seems to want a career besides making party history with the rest of his frat. Plus, straight-A student Pete will be a great juxtaposition to Franco’s drug selling, jail bait character in his other movie this summer, 22 Jump Street.

cute couple

 3. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne make a pretty cute couple.

They’re new parents who are trying to balance being parents and still feeling like they can have some fun. A really awesome part about their adventures against the frat house next door is watching them continue to be a kick ass team and be in love with each other. It’s a rarity in this type of film (or really in any film I’ve seen in the past year, I suppose) and it’s quite refreshing.


 2. You might need to know how to milk a human woman one day.

I won’t give the whole scene away because it is something that everyone should experience personally, but when I say Rogen and Byrne make a good team, this scene is a big part of what I am referencing!

shirtless efron


 I will not deny the main reason I originally wanted to see this movie was because of the advertisements for the film, in which Efron barely ever has a shirt on. The movie, in this regard, does not disappoint. But leaving the theater I was actually quite impressed with Efron’s comedic chops, improvising seemingly just as well as Rogen. Plus… like… his shirt is off for most of the movie.

funny efron


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