Love the existential bummer

Is love the “existential bummer”?  Have you every felt extremely content , and yet a little sad  at the same time? Or maybe looked at your partner or even your best friend and and felt a little haunted by a thought in the back of your mind: “but what about that the day that we’re not like this anymore?”

Well you’re not alone, its simply part of the human condition, as Jason Silva eloquently explains in this short but thought provoking video, about the acceptance & rejection of temporary joy.



“perhaps that’s why when we’re in love we’re also kind of sad, there’s a sadness to the ecstasy, you know beautiful things can sometimes make us a little sad and its because what they hint at is the exception, a vision of something more , a vision of a hidden door , a rabbit hole to fall through , but a temporary one . I think ultimately that is kind of the tragedy. That is why love simultaneously fills us with melancholy, that’s why sometimes I feel nostalgic over something I haven’t lost yet , because I see its transience. How does one respond to this? Do we love harder , do we squeeze tighter? Or do we embrace the Buddhist creed of no attachment? Do we pretend not to care that everything and everyone we know is going to be taken away from us?”

What do you choose?


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