Night Market

This one is for all the foodies out there.

The Food Trust, a non profit organization in Philadelphia, kicked off their annual Night Market festival May 15th 2014 in Old City Philadelphia.  Night Market is a food festival that has over 300 food vendors and it is located throughout different areas of Philly.  There is tons of food, alcohol and music. It’s pretty much a huge block party.  If you missed the kick off, don’t worry, they keep this going all summer long.  The upcoming dates are:IMG_6422


When: June 19th

Where: West Oak Lane 72nd and Ogontz Ave.

Time: 6pm -10pm


When: August 14th

Where: Lancaster Ave and 35st

Time: 6pm -10pm


When: October 2nd

Where: Chinatown

Time: 6pm -10pm

To get the best experience out of Night Market, I recommend these 5 tips.

1. Come on time, maybe even early. Everyone in Philly seems to attend night market. I got to the festival at 6:30pm and there was a pretty decent crowd, but by 8:00pm the crowd was almost unbearable. Crowds also mean long lines, but the lines move pretty quickly.

2. Come with cash. The website does say credit card is accepted, but none of the trucks I went to took credit.

Korean BBQ Taco edamame taco Vietnamese tofu sandwich
Korean BBQ Taco
Edamame Taco
Vietnamese tofu sandwich

3. Bring Friends and lots of them. Its a party, you can’t have a party without friends. Also having your friends stand in separate lines and order for the group is a great divide and conquer strategy.

Put the rum in the coconut and mix it all up
Put the rum in the coconut and mix it all up

4. Expect to spend at least $30 or more. Most of the food was priced at $10 or above. Which I personally found pretty expensive because all of the food trucks in my area are waaaay cheaper. I was able to find some really delicious food for $5, but those lines were the longest. I’m not sure if the prices are different depending on the location. But if your really interested in sampling everything be prepared to spend a decent amount of money.

Bacon Mac and Cheese from We Figs

5. Avoid driving.  As I said earlier it gets really crowded. Your best bet is to take transportation or walk.

Be sure to check out the Night Market website for more information and to see the list of vendors.

Have Fun!


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