Urban Butcher- The Taste Your Buds Will Never Forget

Urban Butcher is the most tasty splurge I’ve probably ever eaten. After passing the large, glowing windows off of Georgia Ave in downtown Silver Spring and seeing the antique tables, plaid shirted waiters, and chalkboard backing several times in one week- a few friends and I decided to have dinner at the boutiqey restaurant last night.

Upon first walking into Urban Butcher, I felt like I had been transported back to my temporary home of LA. The restaurant has about four different sections that feel like their own room and space. The front of the restaurant feels purposefully (and beautifully so) a bit undone, while the back room is bright, painted in a spring yellow and lit by hanging lights. Breaking up the front and back of the house are the butcher shop which is lined in glass and all white contrasting the dark and wooden bar area.

Our waiter was just as hipster as the restaurant, but he knew his stuff, offering us their specialized drink menu with serious Old Fashions and The Butcher’s Negroni (which you kind of have to have). As for our meal, Urban Butcher is one of maybe three restaurants I know that you could get anything on the menu and be pleasantly surprised/satisfied. Nothing is bad. Nothing is even just good. Everything tastes like a bit of heaven.

The steak frites are moist and seasoned all the way through, which you get to experience while it melts in your mouth. The beef empanadas are spicy, toasty, and delicious. I ordered the house burger with bacon and artisan cheese. It was so good, I’m not sure I’ll have another burger again for a long, long time. But, for me, nothing tops the Ahi Tuna. It was so fresh and so juicy. The seasoning was strong but not over powering. I could have eaten about three cups of it and I don’t even like fish.

So the next time you need to impress your foodie date, or just want some damn good food, head over to Urban Butcher for a taste your buds will never forget.


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