Alley Fun

Tucked away in a Philadelphia alley is a swanky little restaurant/bar called Sampan/Graffiti bar.

entrance of the bar
entrance of the bar

Me and my classmates went to Graffiti bar after we finished the first year of our masters program. You literally have to walk down a dark alley to get to graffiti bar but you are pleasantly surprised with great appetizers, the best music play list ever, and oh how could I forget, the fish bowls!

During happy hour all appetizers are $4 and the fish bowls are $20.

I took a peak inside the restaurant and it also looked pretty cool.


If your in Philly you should check it out! It’s located on 124 S 13th Street.

Here is their lovely website

And if you are new to the city, every Wednesday all summer long, there is a event called Sips. Center City District bars and restaurants offer $5 cocktails, $4 wine, $3 beer and half-priced appetizers. Click the link below for all the restaurants that participate.







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