DIY Pineapple Plant

Just in case you wanted your very own pineapple plant…..

Step 1: Buy a pineapple yay!


Step 2: Cut the top of the pineapple, cut about an inch below the leafy area of the plant.

Step 3: Remove the fruit from the core of the pineapple, and peel away the bottom 3 layers of  leaves.

Step 4: Once you have the core exposed, gently scrape the core of the pineapple.

Step 5: Get a cup of water and place the pineapple core in the water. Make sure to place the pineapple directly in the sun.

Step 6: Check the plant weekly to make sure it has enough water and remove any excess fruit that might still be on the core. The  pineapple core will take about 2 months to take root.

Step 7:  Yay! If you made it to this step your pineapple has taken root! Now its time to find a super cute pot, grab some soil and plant your pineapple head. I chose a small pot, but if you don’t feel like transferring your plant late buy a rather larger pot.

I only water the pineapple plant when the soil feels dry. It ends up being about every week and a half. I also pour the water directly in the center of the plant.


Well happy planting and remember don’t forget to eat your pineapple!





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