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Looking For a Juice Cleanse? 

Hey hey hey! 

Let me start by saying, this blog post will be about my experience with a juice cleanse I bought. This doesn’t guarantee that your experience will be the same. The company has not hired me to share any information with you. Last but not least please consult your doctor to confirm that doing a cleanse is right for you.
Okay now that we got that out the way. Let me tell you about my cleanse. 

I’ve been wanting to do a 3 day juice cleanse for quite some time.But the opportunity to stop eating yummy food never really presented itself. 

For example I could eat this yummy taco right here or go on a juice cleanse. Tacos always won.

So when I found out that I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. I thought to myself this would be the perfect time! I can’t eat anyway. 

Another internal battle I was having was should I buy the produce and juice it myself or buy should I buy pre-made juices. There are benefits to both. I decided if I was going to do a juice cleanse, I wanted to maximize all the nutritional benefits. 

I knew the fresher the juice the more beneficial it would be. However I knew I was too lazy to buy all the fresh produce and juice it myself because I was having surgery.

So I started roaming the internet.

My requirements were: 

  • No added sugar
  • 100% plant based
  • 100% raw 
  • No GMO
  • Under $200

Eventually I stumbled upon RawGeneration.

Not only did they check off my list,they also had a high protein plant based cleanse.

When I brought my the protein cleanse RawGeneration was(and still is)having a sale for 70% off any cleanse.

I brought two 3-day cleanses $60 each + $38.30 for shipping.I ordered on a Thursday the juices came on a Saturday. They came frozen and I immediately put them into my freezer.

RawGeneration provides great instruction on how to preserve your juices and perform the cleanse so no need for me to dive into that. But I had a throughly enjoyable experience using their product. All the juices were yummy ( I should preface that by saying that I’m used to eating fruits and veggies). 

My favorite was:And my boyfriend, bless his heart decided to do the cleanse with me, his favorite was: This was a close second for both of us: And the juices that we thought were going to be gross but were surprisingly tasty: The boyfriend and I survived the cleanse. We both had craving here and there but never really felt hungry.

As for wisdom teeth extraction. I survived that too. I had no problems taking my med, no nausea, and no pain. Now that I’m done with the cleanse I’m exploring all my mushy food options.

Now go be great 😉


How to fix a broken nail before its too late

Do you have weak or brittle nails that are constantly tearing at the edges as soon as they start to gain a little length? I do, At least I do now that I’ve had to remove my overlay for good. In a mission to preserve every millimeter of length possible and to keep from having nubby nails , I’ve discovered a pretty awesome way to repair a natural nail before it’s rips off completely, and that lasts long enough to grow your nail out. All you need is a tea bag and some superglue.

1. remove any nail polish from the broken nail, careful not to snag it further on the cotton ball

2. trim or file the nail a little shorter to increase its survival strength. Shorter nails get knocked and nicked less

tea bag for nail repair


3. empty the tea bag and cut a strip long enough to cover across the entire nail from about midway down, leaving just a small amount overhanging the tip

nail repair

4. Cover the tear and the tip of the nail with a thin layer of superglue and immediately cover with the tea bag strip.

5. once the tip is adhered smooth a little more glue on the dry paper above the nail

6. Next putting just a bit of glue on the underside of you nail tip, smooth down the overhanging paper to beneath your nail

7. when it’s completely dry and hardened, file down any up smooth edges just a little . The tea paper is very transparent and should be minimally detectable if applied correctly

fixed thumb and middle nail
fixed thumb and middle nail

8. Finish with one or two coats of strengthening nail polish , and then color or leave clear.

repaired nail


I love how strong this makes my nails feel.  no more baldy finger tips just because of one wrong move.

No More Boring Nails

I think I may have found my new favorite line of nail polish. I’ve been a die hard OPI fan for years. But now I’ve come across Sephora’s line of Formula X polishes which includes several different collections.

Say goodbye and good riddance to your typical glossy monochromatic nails, without spending hours trying to create interesting and intricate designs with a miniature paintbrush {who has time for that?}. Each bottle is full of texture and vibrance and a seriously good time. Not to mention, there are so many to choose from. From the dense but fine grain glitter of the “Celestials”  to the neon pearl and shimmer  finishes of the “Electrics” and the splatter effects of  many of their confetti bottles, which you can layer with base-coats for a variety of effects.

I tried out:

Xplosives Top Coat – “Demolition” – with blue, turquoise, lime and orange confetti           {perfect for springtime}


The Sparklers – “Law of Attraction” – with champagne shimmer and blue 3D glitter

I will definitely be back in Sephora to collect and hoard some of the other great options. Check out a few of my favs below.

you can purchase online or in store      {$12.50}