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D.C.’s Best Food Trucks

….according to moi

One of the best things about living in the city is easy access to all sorts of food. Between celebrity chef’s grand openings, concept pop up restaurants, and lines that go around the block for the newest “it” thing, you really cant get bored. So here in the city who needs a drive through? For quick, tasty, quality made street food & international cuisine hit up a Food Truck.


Swlizzler: Self imposed with the task to #MakeHotdogsGreatAgain these guys are serving up some of the best hotdogs (and French fries!) in the city . The recipe I cant get enough of is the Leonardo Dog Vinci : House made pesto, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and  balsamic glaze on  a grass-fed all beef hotdog, cut into their signature “swizzle” shape and served on a pretzel bun. Trust me when I say its EVEN more delicious than it sounds. Be sure to spend a little extra to get the flavorful hand cut parmesan truffle fries  with your order. Being the French fry enthusiast that I am, I’ve grilled a few of them on what the secret to making their fries so delicious is , and I may or may not have gotten the answer, but you’ll have to ask them for yourself. The guys on the truck are super friendly, & not to mention cute; Check them out on Instagram to find out where the truck is daily @SwizzlerFoods.


TaKorean – Started out as DC’s first and most popular Korean taco truck. I love this place, the food is great and its affordable. Especially if you stop by on $2 Taco Tuesday. Described as a delicious combination of Korean flavors with a Mexican twist, they’re serving up tacos , rice bowls and slaw bowls  with ingredients like kimchi , spiced kale , organic soft egg, avocado crema , lime crema, sriracha , fresh cilantro, and more , on your choice of protein or veggie/vegan options. Ask one of the servers which toppings go best with which protein and they’ll enthusiastically tell you “I recommend them all!“. In addition to the truck you can find them 6 days a week at Union Market as well as in the Twelve12 complex in The Yards near Nats Stadium. IG: @TaKorean


DC Empanadas– DC’s only mobile gourmet empanadas, with literally dozens of beef pork , chicken and vegetarian options you can easily find one or twenty empanadas perfect for you. Each one is handmade and filled with flavor. Favorites include El Toro:Chipotle Beef, Onions, Garlic, Cilantro, Black Beans, Cheddar Cheese & Corn, Executive Order – Bacon Cheeseburger with Grilled Vidalia Onions , and Pollo de Primavera– Diced White Meat Chicken Sautéed with Onions, Potatoes & Cilantro tossed with White Wine & Latin Seasonings. They have a rotating menu so you can always expect something you haven’t had before. Check twitter or IG @DCEmpanadas for their most up to date location daily & When you order at the Union Market location : buy 2 empanadas get one free(11-2pm)!

There are so many unique food trucks in DC this list could go on and on, if you want to try them all  here are some fun events where you can find a bunch in the same place. Wednesdays at NoMa Summer Screen, Fridays outside of Jazz in the Garden,  & Monthly at Truckaroo @ the fairgrounds


Neoprene Dresses for Spring


“This body-con fabric has emerged as an A-list staple this spring” Obsessed with this new trend.  But more specifically that Clover Canyon is rolling out some beautiful prints on this fabric.  Though depending on the day of the week, their prices may be a little steep. Low and behold is here just in time with a feature on neoprene dresses (both prints and solids). Rent one for your next special occasion for a mere fraction of the cost! Besides with bold looks like these how many times can you really be seen in the same look without people noticing. Save yourself a few bucks and get a taste of this fabulous look!

clover canyon designs
clover canyon designs

see more on spring prints here. And read more about why neoprene fabric is so awesome on Chicly Cute’s original post.

Chicly Cute

Hi lovelies,

It has been a while since I have done a style post. It has been long neglected due to my overwhelming schedule. But the moment I started spotting these dresses I knew I had to inform each one of you about what you should be looking forward to this Spring and Summer. Neoprene dresses! I am sure some of you are already familiar with them but if you aren’t here is a quick breakdown from me of what they are. (Scroll further down for affordable everyday versions of below dresses)

Neoprene Dress

Left: Clover Canyon Griffith Park Dress                    Middle: Boston Proper Zipfront        Right: Clover Canyon Floral Maze

      Neoprene is a man made rubber but when used in fabrics it is combined with nylon and spandex. It gives your outfits a little bit of ommph so skirts and dresses are more fluffy at the bottom (think skater style…

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3 Ways to Wear Your Motorcycle Jacket

It’s (almost) Spring again! Which means we can finally ditch our heavy coats, throw on our bright colors , pair them with a great jacket instead then go be merry! {can you tell I love the spring yet}. Which brings us to the perfect piece you must have in your wardrobe this time of year: the motorcycle jacket (moto for short).

When moto jackets originally started (re)gaining popularity I was pretty hesitant to get in on the trend. I consider myself a generally girly- girl and thought the style was a little too “Rebel Without a Cause” for me. But then one day I bought one, inspired by one of my superiorly  stylish friends and before I knew it I had several.

So in honor of this wardrobe necessity I encourage trying out the moto jacket with any and everything.  Here are a few favs from my closet.


Pair a tan or brown jacket with a simple dress and bright accessories for a casual,and feminine look that can go from day to night by swapping flats for heels.


Have fun mixing bright patterns with  neutrals to balance the look for a great day time outfit that goes great with wedges or booties.


A black moto jacket lends itself to the classic edgy look. Invoke your inner Olivia Newton John (Grease!)  with black liquid leggings , black booties and a unexpected single pop of color to keep it fun and modern.

Get Ready for Prints This Spring

There’s nothing really groundbreaking about prints in the spring, but two London based designers are really taking the trend of mixing prints to the next level. Peter Pilotto & Mary Katrantzou have taken the fashion world by storm with their digital prints ,bold color choices and  unique silhouettes.

With many celebrities seen rocking these $1,000+++ designer duds the rest of us are left with some major fenvy…..(yes, thats- fashion envy)

runway, Keri Washington, Keira Knightley, Beyonce, Diane Kruger, Rihanna
runway, Keri Washington, Keira Knightley, Beyonce, Diane Kruger, Rihanna
Tayor Shilling, Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart, Keri Washington ,Jada Pinkett Smith, Miranda Kerr
Tayor Shilling, Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart, Keri Washington ,Jada Pinkett Smith, Miranda Kerr

So how can you get you hands on some of these eye catching graphics without breaking the bank,  giving your right arm, or selling your first born??

The answer is Target and Topshop. Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou have paired up with these major brands, respectively,  to bring their designs to those of us without a red carpet or a step and repeat to show off on. Prices range from about $20 – $350, all far below the platinum price tags of their main collections. Despite the price cut, these affordable options pack some major punch as far as vibrance and interesting design. Both collaborations are limited time capsule collections and are here just in time for the spring. Check them out online and selectively in stores

Mary K. Collection Preview
Mary K. Collection Preview
Mary K. Collection Preview
Mary K. Collection Preview
Peter P. collection preview
Peter P. collection preview
Peter P. collection preview
Peter P. collection preview

Mary Katrantzou for Top Shop

Peter Pilotto For Target

Below are a few pieces from the “Peter Pilotto for Target”, that I was able to snag on its release date Feb 9th. Prints can be intimidating, but , needless to say I love them, and encourage you to try them out too, if you dare.

No More Boring Nails

I think I may have found my new favorite line of nail polish. I’ve been a die hard OPI fan for years. But now I’ve come across Sephora’s line of Formula X polishes which includes several different collections.

Say goodbye and good riddance to your typical glossy monochromatic nails, without spending hours trying to create interesting and intricate designs with a miniature paintbrush {who has time for that?}. Each bottle is full of texture and vibrance and a seriously good time. Not to mention, there are so many to choose from. From the dense but fine grain glitter of the “Celestials”  to the neon pearl and shimmer  finishes of the “Electrics” and the splatter effects of  many of their confetti bottles, which you can layer with base-coats for a variety of effects.

I tried out:

Xplosives Top Coat – “Demolition” – with blue, turquoise, lime and orange confetti           {perfect for springtime}


The Sparklers – “Law of Attraction” – with champagne shimmer and blue 3D glitter

I will definitely be back in Sephora to collect and hoard some of the other great options. Check out a few of my favs below.

you can purchase online or in store      {$12.50}