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Goodbye My Old Friend: An Open Letter to Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s Anatomy

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People who know me well know that I probably take the TV shows I invest time in a little too seriously, and a little too personally. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy the day before my 14th birthday. I was a freshman in a high school that I didn’t feel particularly loved or comfortable in (does anyone in high school feel particularly loved and comfortable???). Anyway the show began right around the time when my closest group of friends began to circle each other like a great bar against all senses of evil and darkness that would come our way. I called my best friend my person, my Die, just like Meredith did with her best friends. The show was a weekly beacon for us to watch and connect and imagine our lives would shape into (my best friend eventually going to med school to be a surgeon the likes of the character I’d always called her by). Sure, it was a primetime soap that often saw bombs and car accidents and lots of different forms of sadness along the way, but the relationships between the characters always felt like this tangible proof of long term friendships and hope—hope for human understanding, hope for happiness, and (maybe) most importantly hope for love.

The years have seen characters come and go, but Meredith and her love were always a rock for the show to come back to, and for its audience to feel trust in. It seemed that’s where the show started—in a living room on the floor—and that’s where it would end.


On this week’s episode, Meredith and Derek’s story came to a close when his car was hit by a truck in an awful car accident. The ending felt weak and cheap and rushed. It felt like there were forces happening behind the scenes that made the ending so abrupt.

I know it’s a TV show and I really shouldn’t care. These aren’t real people and with all the live, actual bad things happening in the world, it’s tough to feel empathy or mercy towards someone who has time to feel sad about the end of a character on a show that’s been on way longer than it needed to be. But I’m still going to say this anyway: Derek’s death meant a lot to me. Yes, he was a character on a show, but he was also more than that. Over a decade’s worth of watching him, he became a symbol for good at the end of the day, for hope for those that are less than optimistic.

It’s the end of an era, a decade of something unreal (in a very literal sense) and yet still very present in my life. This will be my last season watching Grey’s Anatomy. I have loved every break up and make up, and fake surgeries that could never happen. I’ve loved even the plane crashes and the unnecessary deaths. As Shonda Rhimes is queen of doing, she’s impacted my life with her fiction in a way few writers ever do. And I’ll forever be grateful.

Goodbye, my old friend. I will miss you so much.



Christina & Meredith’s Best Moments in gifs

Maybe you’re a die hard Grey’s Anatomy fan, or maybe you stopped watching a few seasons ago when Shonda Rhimes’s trademark melodrama got to be too much for you. Either way last week’s “Farewell to Christina” marked the end of an era in terms of friendship. Meredith and Christina’s co-dependence will go down in history along with Will & Grace…. Monica & Rachel… Lavern & Shirley … Lucy & Ethel!

The only thing missing from the nights episode (which ended with a gratifying “dance it out”) was a cliche and well deserved montage of our fav duo through the years.  Here you have it

meredith and christina gif meredith and christina gif meredith and christina gif meredith and christina giftumblr_n5nb3f0tom1qfmzxdo1_r2_250

meredith and christina gifmeredith and christina gifmeredith and christina gifmeredith and christina gifmeredith and christina gif35tumblr_inline_n5sgiaARet1rs5swotumblr_mb3e6rw5ju1rom3n8tumblr_mt828zj26D1s194bvo1_500cy-gif-9GIFs-Meredith-Cristina-Dancing-Grey-Anatomy

GIFs-Meredith-Cristina-Dancing-Grey-Anatomy (1)tumblr_leogz6Ta1W1qzjbj5o1_500

farewell Christina

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Grey’s Anatomy has a way of making even the most anti-sentimentalist all gooey and nostalgic. Tonight’s episode was something of a throwback for one of the show’s main couples, Owen and Christina. Even though Owen’s been seeing the girl of his dreams (the “2 or 3 children” wanting, stay at home mom) he can’t help but fall in love with Christina all over again when she shows up at his front door all wine’d up.

All of the songs featured in tonight’s episode were a throwback to 80s hits that have recently been recovered.

1. The episode opened with Jo and Alex in bed and this folksy version of “Don’t You Forget About Me.”


2. When Christina shows up at Owen’s door to congratulate him on the new relationship (but ultimately to ruin his life one more time) Sleeping At Last sings this gorgeous cover of a Cyndi Lauper classic.

3. The eerily revamped Michael Jackson classic can be heard when the interns finally devise a plan to save the young girl suffering from multiple cancers but figure it out just a little too late.

4.  “Don’t You Want Me” never sounded so solemn and sweet as it did while Owen breaks up with his perfect girlfriend.

 Tell me your thoughts on the covers or the episode below!